Lettermonkey becomes Graffitymonkey

Lettermonkey recently had the opportunity to experience something new. Together with her monkey colleagues, she experienced the world of graffity in the streets of Durban.

As always the first stop was somewhere to get strength for the day. And this time it was The Factory Cafe, a quaint, rustic coffee brewery hidden away in the streets of Durban.  Nothing looks appealing when you stumble up the stairs, although the smell of freshly brewed coffee keeps you going.  And then the beautiful surprise when you enter this place. Coffee being roasted and grounded right there. So many flavours and coffees to choose from.  Lettermonkey aka Graffitymonkey for this day, chose a serious cuppachino and also some extra to take home.  See pictures below of this jewel of a coffee shop, and when in Durban, go there.


The day then moved on and Graffitymonkey had to get active.  During the morning we were taken to random places in the city where stunning graffity awaited us. For the first time (in her life) Graffitymonkey realised what an art this is.  She was blown away by the fact that these pictures were done with spraypaint  in freehand.  Have a look.


Graffitymonkey realised she shouldn’t be so narrow minded, and she started viewing graffity artists with much more respect.

As always, the monkeys got hungry and thirsty and they had to stop for lunch. It had to be at a micro brewery, otherwise the monkeys would have been unhappy.  Unity Bar in Durban is a good place to go.  Beertasting ensures you order what you really like, as the beer menue is extensive. And njammie lunches!  Now the monkey tummies were full and we made off for the last part of the tour. 

And then the fun started. The monkeys were allowed to do their own graffity.  That didn’t start off too successful.  Our bunch of monkey colleagues are clearly not arty.  Luckily that is not how we trying to make our money.  But then the real graffity artist stepped in, showed us a few tricks and basically painted over everything we’ve done to let us end up with the most stunning piece of graffity. Good enough for us to put it up in our head office.  And best of all the artist allowed us to take all the honour.




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