Lettermonkey develops tastebuds

It was time for the main cullinary event of the weekend, this time to celebrate Boymonkey’s 21st birthday  ( few weeks ahead of time). The target was Spiceroute.  This is a venue every person should visit at least three times in their lifetime. (This was Lettermonkey’s second visit).  Apart from the excellent food, beautiful views and above average wine, one can taste anything you can think of here.  On offering is not only wine tastings, but also tastings of beer,  coffee, chocolate, ice cream, biltong and grappa.  Lettermonkey and her two loyal followers could not fit in all the tastings, as they still had to enjoy lunch.

They started off with winetasting.  The beautiful wines of the Spiceroute winelands lead to disagreement between Lettermonkey and Babymonkey on which one  was the best.  With the beertasting Lettermonkey could only pretend she knew what it was all about but Boymonkey was in his element. By the time they got to chocolate tasting everybody just went mmmmmm.  (Dr Villiers Artisan Chocolates made right there on the tasting premices)

Lunch was enjoyed at the La Grapperia.  Starters were  a stunning cheeseplatter from the neighbouring Fairview.  And then the main meals – freshly made pizza.  The good ones with the thin bases and super fresh ingredients. See the pics below.







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