Lettermonkey eats again

Lettermonkey increased her following with the next stop. Babymonkey’s cousin, and the cousin’s monkeyfriend joined.  This was in celebration of Babymonkey’s cousin ( who is obviously Lettermonkey’s niece) turning 21 recently.  Lettermonkey relied on Babymonkey to do the reservations and this was done at Hudson’s in Stellenbosch.  Lettermonkey was not dissapaointed, the “burger joint” lived up to its reputation and served the monkeys some of the best burgers they could hope for.  Lettermonkey had the Shroom, which in layman’s terms is the burger with the mushroom sauce.  One could choose between normal potato fries, sweet potato fries or disco fries.  Babymonkey had the most beautiful cocktail, and cousin and her friend had amazing milkshakes.  (Lettermonkey stayed loyal to her glass of dry white wine and Boymonkey to his beer).  Lettermonkey woud recommend going to Hudsons for a lovely night out.  Not only is the food great but the ambiance and atmosphere is catching and makes you want to stay.  Again, here are some picture of the lovely food the monkey’s devoured.





PS: Lettermonkey is worried she will become Fatmonkey if this weekend doesn’t end soon.



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