Grateful and guilty

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Grateful and Guilty.”


Ahh, food comes to mind first.  But not for me.  For me grateful and guilty says I can spend time on my own, all alone.

Oh and am I grateful for that.  Those minutes, hopefully hours, that I can spend with only my own company.  No answers, no witty conversation, no clever comments.  The only voices I hear are those in my head,  now dont worry, I know who those voices belong to.  Myself, my mom, my daughter, my best friend, my other friend, my friend who is going through a difficult time, my family member who never returned my call last week, my colleugue for work.

Should I really feel guilty about that?  Nah, I should not, I should only feel gratitude, and I do.  And the significant people in my life should too. As this is the time that I reload my energy, when I make myself strong again, so I can go out and be what they need me to be.

Grateful?  Always.  Guilty?  Never !


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